Electrical Devices

Waterflow Detector

The System Sensor WFDN series is compatible with schedule 7 through 40 steel pipe, for sizes 2 in. through  4 in. and compatible with schedule 10 through 40 steel pipe, sizes 5 in. through 8 in., and can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position.

  • New directional cover allows installers and inspectors to  easily see the direction of flow 
  • UL-listed models are NEMA 4 rated 
  • New cover provides a better seal, is lighter weight, not painted and corrosion resistant • 
  • Sealed retard mechanism immune to dust and other contaminants 
  • Less exposed metal reduces shock hazard, plastic cover acts as insulator and is resistant to arcing 
  • Visual switch activation 
  •  Audible switch activation (73 dBA) 
  • Field-replaceable timer/switch assembly 
  • Accommodates up to 12 AWG wire  
  • Switch Synchronization activates both alarm panel  and local bell or horn strobe 
  • Tamper-resistant cover screws 
  • Improved water sealing 
  • Reduced product weight 
  • Wire-ready terminals 
  • Improved wiring with new terminal block layout 
  • Snap-in optional cover tamper switch 
  • Improved timer repeatability and accuracy

UL Listed; FM Approved