Chemicals & Sealants


Permabond LH050 Anaerobic Pipe Sealant is a general purpose, smooth paste pipe sealant that is used to lock and seal pipes, replace dopes and tapes. It fully cures to a solid plastic at room temperature and works well on most metals, steel, and brass. It offers low cost, easy application, directional freedom, low shrinkage, chemical and high temperature resistance.

Permabond 750 ML LH050 Item# 250-250-00460

Permabond 5 Gallon LH050 Item# 250-250-00480

Permabond 750 ML LH056 (CPVC) Item# 250-250-00520

Permabond 5 Gallon LH056 (CPVC) Item# 250-250-00540