Standpipe Equipment


Recommended for fire hose cabinets and fire hose racks, for lined or unlined fire hose. Both

the 1½” NST Lexan adjustable fog nozzle & 1½” NST cast brass adjustable fog nozzle are
capable of complete shutoff or any degree of conical FOG. 

Available Options: 

1½" Plastic Fog Nozzle (RED) NST           350-100-00780
1½" Adj Fog Nozzle - Brass NST              350-100-00820
1½" Adj Fog Nozzle - Chrome Plated      350-100-00860
2½" PLAY PIPE                                       350-100-00880
1½" Adj Fog Nozzle - Brass NPSH            350-100-00840
1½" Plastic Fog Nozzle (RED) NPSH         350-100-00850 

  • Brecco Lexan Nozzle is rated for Class II Service under NFPA/ FEMA class of service.
  • Brecco Play Pipe is 30" long and made with rugged brass construction.
  • Brass nozzle comes in Satin Brass and has optional chrome plating.
  • Equipped with NST thread inlet w/ swivel handle and 1⅛” orifice.