Chemicals & Sealants

Anaerobic Pipe Sealant

Brecco Sealant uses anaerobic technology to prevent leaks in
sprinkler system fabrication and improve installation in the
field. Unlike traditional pipe dope, this sealant cures to a plastic
seal initiated by the presence of metal and the absence of air.

  • Available Volume: 250 Ml - Tube 250-250-00020 / 750ml - Friction Top 250-250-00040 / 1 Quart - Friction Top 250-250-00060
  • Allows disassembly with normal tools.
  • Replaces pipe dope and sealing tapes. • UL Listed
  • Easy to clean excess with soap and water. 100% leak-free seal.
  • Will not dry out when container is left open. Will not thin in summer or thicken in winter.