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Pilot Clamp
Pilot Clamp

Weight: 12 lbs.

Pilot Clamp Locking Holesaw Guide

• PILOT CLAMP® with levels
• Six interchangeable hole saw guides:
(1", 1-3/16", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", and 2")
• Six Lenox® Bi-Metal hole saws
• Two Lenox® arbors
• Pilot bit
• Hole size chart
• Carrying case

• Drill up to a 2" diameter hole in pipe up to 4" in diameter
• Cuts a cleaner hole with no wobble
• Drill in tight cramped areas
• Drill in vertical or horizontal position
• Cut holes with or without a pilot bit
• No special drill needed
• Use a regular or cordless straight or right angle drill
• Save money with extended hole saw life
• Ideal for on the job or in the shop fabricating
• Increase the diameter of an existing hole (replacement of flow switches)
• No more costly broken pilot bits
• Use to drill/cut holes for mechanical tee’s, crosses, welded outlets, thread-a-lets, detection devices (flow switch and pressure switches)
• Saves money by cutting holes faster than the conventional way.

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List Price: $625.00
Price: $625.00
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