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Permabond - Anaerobe Pipe Sealant with PTFE
Permabond - Anaerobe Pipe Sealant with PTFE
Permabond sealant uses anaerobic technology to prevent leaks in sprinkler system fabrication and improves installation in the field. Unlike traditional pipe dope, Permabond sealant cures to a plastic seal initiated by the presence of metal and the absence of air.  Used by Long Island Pipe for all fabricated jobs to assure a leak-free seal. Eliminates repair costs due to call-backs. Available in 750ml. containers which are packaged 12 in a case.  Seals cut and mis-threaded fittings.  Will not dry out when container is left open.  Will not thin in summer or thicken in winter. No need for sealing tapes.  UL Listed

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