2014 is upon us, and we are hoping it will be reflective of 2013, a year of prosperity and growth.   We here at Gem Fire Sprinkler would like to thank you for your business and we look forward to continuing the relationship. 2013 introduced us to new products, new employees and most thankfully new customers and territories.  In the upcoming year, Gem Fire Sprinkler is excited to be introducing new product lines.
  • Shotgun Riser Assemblies: These riser check valves are assembled at our facility with the complete trim.  They are available in 2 ½” 3”, 4” & 6”.
Riser Check Valve - Shotgun Riser
  • Commercial Riser Assemblies: These Commercial Risers are assembled at our facility with complete trim.  They are available in 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 4”, and 6”.


In the upcoming year we will be adding to our lines of
  • Test & Drains:  2” will be added, as well as new orifice sizes.
  • Storz Connections and Adapters: Additions are being made to accommodate hydrant and adapter needs for various sizes and threads.

As well as continue to the sales growth of our popular product lines on
  • The Powerball 300
  • OS&Y Valves
  • Flange Packs
  • Gauges
  • The Jr. Beam 3/8 Clamp Socket Extension

Due to the immense growth that 2013 presented us, Gem Fire Sprinkler is growing internally.  2013 brought us Dominic Coppola to our sales staff. 2014 is bringing us Grace Santore who will be inside sales.   She will be ready to assist you with sales, product information, as well as customer service.  Below are our sales staff contact information:
  • Grace Santore: Sales Manager Phone 800-908-0523, Ext 1  • gsantore@gemfiresprinkler.com
  • Giuliano Galvez: Sales Associate Phone 800-908-0523 Ext 3 • ggalvez@gemfiresprinkler.com
  • Dom Coppola: Operations Manager/Sales Associate Ext 2 • dcoppola@gemfiresprinkler.com

Gem Fire Sprinkler is also adding assembly production to our current location.  What does this mean for you, the customer?  We are able to more readily produce the assembled products as you request.  It will increase quickness and allow for us to specifically service your detailed requests.

 We at Gem Fire Sprinkler are looking forward to a prosperous 2014, which as you know would translate to an overall growth in the industry.  It is our job to help you grow your business, and whatever the need, we promise to do our all to help you achieve that goal. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments.    Thank you again for your business as well as any future opportunities that you supply to us.  Here is hoping 2014 exceeds all your hopes and goals.

Lee Barker
Gem Fire Sprinkler Sales
Phone: 800-908-0523
Fax:     856-456-9223